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Phoenix-based SUYC provides cash for older automobiles, making it simple to get rid of your old junk. They handle abandoned automobiles and will pick up your car from anywhere in the greater Phoenix region. Your junk car’s worth will vary depending on its location, year, make, model, condition, and scrap metal prices.

Cash For Cars

Phoenix automobile owners may easily sell their cars for cash with CashForCars.com. They have over 35 years of expertise, give reasonable offers, free pickup, and don’t engage in haggling or paperwork. In Glendale, Scottsdale, Tempe, and more, you may get cash for your automobile!

Right Choice Automotive

The top used vehicle dealership in Phoenix is Right Choice Automotive. Offering reasonable rates, the Carfax guarantee, and weekly specials, we put the satisfaction and confidence of our customers first. Our family-run business has been around for 37 years, 15 of them in Phoenix. Come discover your ideal automobile right now!

Car Buyer’s Advocate

The Tempe/Phoenix-based advising firm automobile Buyer’s Advocate provides open counsel, direction, and choices for automobile buyers and sellers. They provide a large range of premium automobiles at great prices from well-known automakers, as well as an expert sales staff and inexpensive financing alternatives. With these, you can transform your car-buying experience!

American Auto Sales

In Phoenix, Arizona, American Auto Sales, LLC sells high-quality used cars. Our expert team can assist you in locating the ideal vehicle for your requirements. For a range of budgets and uses, we offer a selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs. Come and enjoy your car-buying experience with us!

Magic Auto Sales

With a selection of cars priced between $4,000 and $25,000, a free 3-month/3,000-mile warranty, a NAPA Certified garage, and a knowledgeable team committed to delivering exceptional customer service, Magic Auto is a reputable used car dealership in Phoenix. Try out their brilliance right now!

Friends Auto Sales

Friends Auto Sales provides a large selection of cars to suit every need and way of life. Pre-approval is quick and simple, so you can be in your new car right away. You can quickly obtain your ideal automobile thanks to low financing rates and a simple purchasing process!

Car Buyers Arizona

Selling your automobile with automobile Buyers Arizona is quick, simple, and stress-free. In just 3 easy steps, you may get a free market analysis, schedule a viewing, and finalize the transaction. At their largest automobile purchasing event ever, take advantage of guaranteed offers, same-day checks, and no purchase is required specials. Count on their dependable and professional service!

Cactus Jack’s

Cactus The preferred used automobile lot in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona is Jack’s Auto. Their Buy Here Pay Here auto loans provide clients the chance to drive away in a high-quality used automobile, regardless of credit background, with a selection of more than 600 used cars. Check out their inventory & rapid approval alternatives online.

OT Cash For Junk Cars

For trash and salvage autos, OT Cash For trash Cars provides top dollar rewards. Receive a free quotation, same-day pickup, and free towing. Today, sell your old automobile for cash! Money for vehicles, trash cars, and salvage cars

City Auto Group

High-quality used cars are available at City Auto Group in Phoenix, Arizona, along with financing options. We focus in building enduring relationships with clients by assisting them in selecting the ideal vehicle. Come see us to select the ideal vehicle for you!

Auto Time

Phoenix’s family-run Auto Time is devoted to assisting clients in locating the ideal pre-owned vehicle. They provide high-quality cars, no-bargain pricing, financing choices, warranties, and first-rate customer service. All of their customers will have a satisfying experience because to their dedication to quality and openness.

Lalo’s Auto Sales

Lalo’s Auto Sales offers excellent pre-owned automobile purchasing experience together with high-quality used cars. You can receive the automobile you desire at a price you can afford thanks to our knowledgeable sales staff and adaptable financing choices. Come see us to select the ideal vehicle for your needs!


In Phoenix, Arizona, 888JUNKCARS.COM, America’s #1 Junk Car Buyer, offers cash for cars, trucks, SUVs, and RVs. They help you in trading in your old vehicle and provide free same-day collection, on-site cash payment, and both. Additionally, they provide helpful customer service and direct clients to reputable neighborhood stores. With 888JUNKCARS.COM, you can get the finest offers from a local junkyard!

7th Avenue Auto Sales

The knowledgeable personnel at 7th Avenue Car Sales can assist you in finding the ideal vehicle while also providing pre-owned luxury automobiles at moderate pricing. Enjoy a seamless automobile purchase experience thanks to their excellent service and love of luxury vehicles.

Rulys Auto Sales

Ruly’s Auto Sales provides a hassle-free automobile purchasing experience, high-quality pre-owned cars at wholesale costs, and a variety of financing choices. They make the car-buying process quick and stress-free with their pre-approvals, easy-to-navigate online inventory, and financial specialists. To make sure that consumers always get the finest price, Ruly’s Auto Sales goes above and beyond.

Orozco Auto Sales

The family-run Orozco Auto Sales in Phoenix, Arizona provides used cars of the highest caliber as well as buy here pay here options. We place a high value on customer satisfaction and provide a huge assortment of cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. Come see us right away to enjoy a one-of-a-kind automobile buying experience!

Great Deal Auto Sales

Phoenix, Arizona’s top-rated used car dealership, Great Deal Auto, provides high-quality pre-owned cars, flexible financing choices, and amazing rates. They put a premium on customer pleasure and work to make shopping easy, especially for customers with less-than-perfect credit.

Nolan Cash For Junk Cars

The outstanding cash-for-car services offered by Nolan Cash For Junk Cars, a Phoenix, Arizona-based business, are available within an 80-mile radius. They pay top price for trash vehicles and purchase all makes and models of running and non-running automobiles, trucks, vans, and SUVs. They also provide free towing. #junkcars #cashforcars

1st Class Motors

1st Class Motors, situated in Phoenix, provides a straightforward, customer-focused auto-buying experience. They assist you in locating the ideal vehicle, a suitable financing option, and your ideal vehicle. High-quality secondhand automobiles for all preferences and price ranges. #1stClassMotors

AAA Car Buying

Since 1999, AAA Car Buying has revolutionized the car-buying process by offering customers a quick and easy method to lease or purchase new or used cars. Experienced automotive specialists guarantee reasonable prices without using high-pressure sales techniques, making the process of purchasing a vehicle pleasurable and simple.

Sweet Deals Auto Sales

Sweet Deals Auto Sales is a reputable auto dealership that offers excellent pre-owned cars and a pleasurable car-buying experience. They stand out for their dedication to quality and attention to the demands of their local clients. Browse the online inventory, seek quotes, or get in touch to arrange a test drive.

AZ Auto Xchange

With high-quality pre-owned cars, individualized financing options, and a dedication to customer satisfaction, AZ Auto Xchange LLC provides an unrivaled car-buying experience. Purchase the ideal used car at a fantastic price!

I Buy Junk Cars

Phoenix, Arizona-based I Buy trash Vehicles buys trash automobiles for cash. Get an offer for a price and cash, schedule a convenient pickup, and get payment in cash when your automobile is picked up. Most service areas need 1–24 hours. Even if you’ve broken or misplaced the keys, you may still sell your trash automobile for cash.

Chapman Value Center

Phoenix, Arizona’s Chapman Value Center is a renowned pre-owned car dealership that provides an incredible selection of high-quality used cars, CarFAX reports, financing, and top-notch customer care. For additional information, go to www.chapmanvaluecenter.com.

Hertz Car Sales

A large range of used cars, trucks, and SUVs from well-known manufacturers, as well as electrified and luxurious vehicles, are available at low costs at Hertz Car Sales Bell Road. Online shoppers have access to financing options, home delivery options, and online shopping. For a stress-free automobile purchasing experience, stop by today!

Showcase Honda

Showcase Honda provides excellent service, financing options, and a huge selection of new and used Honda vehicles, including the Accord, Civic, HR-V, CR-V, and Pilot, close to Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, and Avondale. Enjoy a customer lounge with a sizable waiting area, a café serving snacks and drinks, and many flat-screen TVs. Support regional and international nonprofits!

Car Mix Motor Co.

Phoenix’s top place to purchase a vehicle is vehicle Mix Motor Co., which provides an unrivaled shopping experience for cars, trucks, and SUVs. Each client gets a wonderful experience because to their personalized approach to automobile shopping and friendly sales team.


Drive Time is redefining the car-buying process with customized financing, no-credit-hit down payments, 12,239 online cars, 5-Day Return Guarantee, 146 dealerships, Kelley Blue Book® trade-in, 4M+ financed, 2-min online auto loan application, 5-Day Return Guarantee, 30-Day/1,500 mile Limited Warranty, and No-Haggle Pricing.

AutoNation USA

The dedication to providing top-notch service and customer care has earned AutoNation USA recognition as a 2020 CARFAX Top-Rated Dealer. CARFAX recognizes the top dealerships around the country with more than 2.2 million verified customer ratings and reviews. The finest customer experience is a priority for AutoNation USA.

Junk Cars Phoenix AZ

Junk automobiles Phoenix AZ makes it simple to get rid of used automobiles and earn money by paying cash for them in Phoenix, Arizona. They give free towing and documentation transfer in addition to eliminating the requirement to spend time selling auto components. Get a free quotation now to start selling your vehicle for cash!

Rios Junk Cars

Rios trash Cars provides convenient options for selling trash cars, including competitive cash offers, free towing, and expert vehicle evaluation. Additionally, they provide warranties and guarantees along with used auto components at reduced prices. With Rios Junk Cars, you may enjoy convenience and calm.

Auto Action

For used automobiles in Arizona that are Buy Here Pay Here, turn to Auto Action AZ. We provide a large selection and a quick loan approval procedure thanks to our many locations and dedication to client satisfaction. Additionally, our Auto Action Advantage Program ensures quality and safety with a limited warranty that lasts for 4 months or 4,000 miles and free oil changes.

Bueno Used Cars

Bueno Several high-quality used Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Jeep, and Nissan models are available at Used Cars in Phoenix, Arizona. Our Auto Finance Center creates lease and loan options that are affordable for you. Come see us right now for an easy automobile purchasing experience!

In-Power Motors

Phoenix’s go-to used automobile shop, In-Power Motors, offers a large range of thoroughly inspected cars, financing choices, and $500 down offers. They work hard to provide the best possible car-buying experience while fostering close ties with both consumers and the dealer community.

Phoenix Cash for Cars

Ever thought your rusty old car could fetch some green? Not just the ancient sedans or the beat-up pickups. Even your ignored SUVs, minivans, and work trucks that are now lawn art might be worth something. Most of their value? It’s in the parts you can recycle and the weight in scrap metal.

Spotting a Junker

If your ride ticks any of these boxes, it’s probably junk:

  1. It’s ten or more years old and is always breaking down.
  2. Fixing it after an accident would cost more than the car itself.
  3. It’s been left in the weeds for ages.
  4. It’s got some unique parts that collectors or restorers might want.

Is Your Car a Clunker?

Your car might be screaming “junker” if:

  • Lost Title? Grab a replacement from the Arizona Department of Transportation.
  • Bought It Without Title? Look into a bonded title. It’s like insurance proving you own the car.
  • Abandoned Ride? If you’ve got a car that’s been ditched, there’s a whole process to make it yours legally.

Got a Junk Car in Phoenix? Here’s How to Ditch It

If you’re in Phoenix and want to say goodbye to your clunker, here’s the playbook:

  • Junkyards: They’ll buy almost any car, mainly for parts or metal. It’s a quick way to make a buck.
  • Charities: Gift your car to them. They’ll either use it or sell it. You help them out and score a tax cut. Sweet deal.
  • Recycling Centers: They’ll eco-friendlily trash your car and might sell parts that still have life.
  • Car Removal Services: Got a car that won’t budge? They’ll tow it away and deal with it.
  • Private Buyers: Some folks might want your car for its parts or as a DIY project. Put an ad online and see who bites.

So, whether you’re looking to clear your yard or just need some quick cash, Phoenix Cash for Cars has your back. Give that old ride a chance at a second life or, at the very least, get it off your lawn and some dollars in your pocket.

Getting Paid in Cash for Your Undesirable Vehicle in Phoenix

Got an old car or truck just gathering dust in Phoenix? You could turn that rust bucket into some serious coin. Here’s the lowdown on getting the most bang for your buck with Phoenix Cash for Cars and other ways to unload that clunker.

Phoenix Cash for Cars 101: Making Junk Car Selling Easy

Phoenix Cash for Cars and similar services are all about buying old, dinged-up, or just plain unwanted rides. They roll with a bunch of perks:

  • Free Towing: No sweat about how to get your ride to them. They handle it and usually won’t charge you a dime.
  • Quick Cash: No waiting games. You sell, you get paid on the spot.
  • Easy-Peasy Process: Skip the headaches of haggling with buyers, throwing ads everywhere, or messing with paperwork.

Want to find a trustworthy junk car buyer in Phoenix? Hit up Google with searches like “cash for cars in Phoenix” or “Phoenix junk car buyers.” And don’t forget the age-old method: ask your buddies, fam, or coworkers. Do your homework by checking out reviews and making sure the company’s legit.

DIY Sale: Going Solo on Selling Your Junker in Phoenix

If you’re more of a hands-on type and wanna sell that old ride yourself, you’ve got choices. Local Phoenix businesses often buy these cars for parts or scrap. You can also throw it up on sites like eBay, Craigslist, or Facebook Marketplace.

But here’s the deal when selling:

  • Be Honest: Spill the beans about any issues. Got dents? Broken AC? List it. And throw up some pics from all sides.
  • Negotiate: Folks will haggle. Be ready to bend a bit on your asking price.

In a nutshell? Whether you’re jamming with Phoenix Cash for Cars or flying solo, know your game plan. Cashing in on that old ride in Phoenix can clean up your driveway and pad your wallet. So why wait? Turn that clunker into cash.

Process For Selling a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Got an old car collecting dust? Whether it’s a truck, SUV, minivan, or something else, getting rid of it in Phoenix doesn’t have to be a total headache. The dough you get from selling it depends on stuff like how old it is, its condition, and what brand it is. Even if it’s seen better days or survived a fender bender, there’s still money in it. Websites can help you ballpark its worth, or you can hit up services like Phoenix Cash for Cars. Here’s the breakdown of how to flip your ride:

1. Show You Own It

Dude, you can’t sell what ain’t yours. If you’ve lost the title or registration, you’ll need something official showing you own the car. Exactly what you need can change depending on where you live and who’s buying.

2. Get It Ready

Dig out your forgotten gym shoes and empty coffee cups from the car. A quick wash and some pics from all sides can make it look more tempting to buyers.

3. Hunt for Buyers

To find folks in Phoenix wanting to buy old rides, Google stuff like “cash for old cars Phoenix” or “Phoenix junk car buyers.” Phoenix Cash for Cars is a solid bet. You can also check local ads or hit up friends and fam for leads.

4. Name Your Price

What’s it worth? That’s the golden question. Its age, brand, shape it’s in, and how much people want its parts play into it. Online tools or talking with pros can help figure it out. But ballpark? Beat-up rides might get you a few hundred bucks, while nicer ones can pull a couple grand.

5. Seal the Deal

Got a buyer biting? Make sure you’ve got all the papers ready. Once it’s sold, don’t forget to cancel its registration and insurance so you’re off the hook for anything later.

6. Pick Your Play

Do you want fast cash with less fuss? Services like Phoenix Cash for Cars are your jam. Want to potentially score more money? Going solo might be your style, but be ready to put in the work.

Wrap-Up: Selling an old ride in Phoenix can be smooth sailing. It’s all about being smart and organized. Know what your car’s worth, have your papers in order, and decide if you want a quick sale or if you’re up for the hustle. Either way, your old ride can mean new cash in your pocket.

Junk Car Selling FAQs

So, you’ve got an old ride – maybe it’s a beat-up car, truck, SUV, or van – and you’re thinking, “How the heck do I get rid of this thing?” It might seem like a big drag, but with the right info and a little hustle, you can turn that junker into cash without too much drama. Let’s break down the big questions about selling your old set of wheels and get you the answers you need to cash out like a pro.

Ditching the Junker: What’s the Best Move?

Looking to sell that old clunker? Your game plan really depends on what you’re after – fast cash or maximum profit. Let’s dive into your best options:

  1. Quick Cash with Junk Car Services: Think of this as the drive-thru of car selling. Junk car companies will roll up to your spot, check out your ride, and slap down cash on the spot. It’s a quick way to unload and get paid without the hassle.
  2. The DIY Route: Want more bang for your buck? Consider selling it yourself. It’s more work – advertising, meeting with buyers, negotiating, and dealing with paperwork. But if you’re game for a little hustle, this could mean more cash in your pocket.
  3. Parting Out the Ride: Got a car with some solid parts? You might consider breaking it down and selling those parts individually. It’s more effort, but if you know your stuff, it could pay off.

Bottom line: Choose what suits you. Want fast cash? Go with a service. Got time and want more money? DIY. Either way, make the move that fits your vibe.

What’s My Old Car Worth Anyway?

Before diving into a deal, it’s clutch to know what your ride’s worth. Here’s how to figure it out:

  • Car Basics: Age, condition, make, model, and any special parts (think rare or in-demand) matter. Newer models or rides with hot parts might snag a better price.
  • Market Check: Supply and demand, baby. If there’s a high demand for parts your car has, or if scrap metal prices are on the rise, you might score more cash.
  • Online Tools: You can use online calculators to get a rough idea of your car’s value. Just remember, they’re not always spot-on, so take their estimates with a grain of salt.
  • Pros Know Best: Junk car services often give free valuations. They’re usually in tune with the market, so their offers reflect the current going rate for cars like yours.
  • Do Your Homework: Do a little sleuthing on your own. Check out what similar rides or parts are going for. It gives you a sense of what peeps are willing to pay.

In short, your old car’s value is a mix of its condition, what the market’s doing, and how much effort you’re willing to put into the sell. Keep these factors in mind, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

How Much Cash Can I Get for My Old Ride?

How much you’ll pocket for your old car really varies. If it’s in decent shape or has parts people want, you could rake in a couple grand. But if it’s more “junker” than “jewel” and barely runs or is super damaged, you might only get a few Benjamins. Remember, the better your car looks and runs, the more cash you’ll likely score.

I Have No Title, Is That a Problem?

Trying to sell your old car without its title? It can get tricky. Most states need the title to swap car ownership. But some might be cool with just a bill of sale or the registration as proof. Before making moves, check your state’s rules and what the buyer needs so you’re not blindsided.

What Steps Should I Take to Sell My Junk Car?

Looking to sell? Check this game plan:

  1. Empty Your Ride: Get all your stuff out – from old receipts to that subwoofer in the trunk.
  2. Make It Shine: Give it a good scrub inside and out. A clean car just looks more $$$.
  3. Advertise: Use places like Craigslist, Facebook groups, or the local paper. Make sure your ad is clear about the basics: make, model, age, and how it looks/runs. Snap some good pics too – angles matter!
  4. Chat with Buyers: Be ready for questions about the car’s past, any issues, or work done. Honesty is the best policy here, so no shady business.
  5. Set Your Price: Know your car’s worth. Check online tools or see what similar cars are selling for. Be ready to haggle, but don’t let anyone lowball you too much.
  6. Handle the Paperwork: Once you’ve settled on a price, you’ll need to transfer ownership. This usually means giving the title and maybe creating a bill of sale. No title? You might need other docs, so check your state’s rules.
  7. Tie Up Loose Ends: Cancel your car’s registration and insurance. You don’t want to be on the hook for anything after the car’s gone.

Car Selling 101: The Quick Version

Selling your old ride can be a breeze if you play it right. Whether you use a service or DIY, know what your car’s worth and get it ready for the spotlight. Keep it real about what condition it’s in and be ready to negotiate. With a little hustle, you could turn that old ride into some serious cash.

Get to Know Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix isn’t just Arizona’s capital; it’s a bustling hub that’s home to over 1.6 million peeps, making it the seventh biggest city in the USA. Nestled in the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix is the heart of the “Valley of the Sun”, which is part of the massive Salt River Valley area. The whole metro zone? It ranks 10th in size nationwide and is the go-to spot in the Southwest with a whopping 4.85 million residents.

Once upon a time, Phoenix was all about the “Five C’s” game: cotton, cattle, citrus, sweet sunny climate, and copper. But after WWII, the city put on its tech hat and dived into the digital age.

If you’re a mountain enthusiast, Phoenix has you covered with spots like Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak. But, most of the city is flat and laid out in an easy-to-navigate grid system. With its desert vibes, expect blazing sun for over 300 days a year and not a lot of rain. Heads up though, the nights can get pretty warm thanks to the urban heat island effect.

The city was booming in terms of population, but then the 2007-09 Great Recession hit the brakes. With its rep as the cultural heartbeat of Arizona, Phoenix faces some real challenges like droughts and water issues that could affect future growth.

Geography-wise, Phoenix is smack dab in the middle between Flagstaff and Tucson and about 150 miles away from the US-Mexico border. The scenery? Think flat lands, farms with crazy irrigation, and mountain backdrops. And speaking of irrigation, it’s kinda drained the Salt River that rolls through Phoenix.

Lastly, to give residents a sense of belonging, Phoenix is split into urban villages and districts. From Downtown to Uptown, North Phoenix to South Phoenix, there are 15 of these areas, each with its unique flavor and vibe. So, if you’re looking for a mix of city life and desert landscapes, Phoenix is your jam.

Phoenix’s Urban Villages

15 urban villages can be found throughout the Phoenix area: Ahwatukee Foothills, Alhambra, Camelback East, Central City, Deer Valley, Desert View, Encanto, Estrella, Laveen, Maryvale, North Gateway, North Mountain, Paradise Valley, Rio Vista, and South Mountain.

Ahwatukee Foothills:

Ahwatukee, a scenic part of southern Phoenix, was voted the top Phoenix neighborhood by Niche in 2022. It’s full of old-school charm, with places like “The Mystic House” from the 1920s. By 1970, the area started evolving into what it is today. As for the name? It might mean “house of dreams” in Crow. As of 2016, the population was majorly white. Local schools? Managed by Kyrene and Tempe Union Districts. Getting around? Mostly by Valley Metro Bus.


Here’s a Phoenix neighborhood close to Luke Air Force Base. Back after WWII, it was the go-to place for housing. By 2010, it was pretty packed with a mixed-race community.

Camelback East:

It’s one of Phoenix’s 15 villages, nestled between some famous peaks. The Arcadia area, a part of it, used to be a citrus farm hub until the ’50s. Nowadays, it’s known for good vibes, restaurants, and cycling spots. Also, Will Ferrell’s movie was shot here and the Phoenix Suns practice in Arcadia.

Central City:

Right in downtown Phoenix, this is an old-school spot. In 2010, it was home to over 58,000 people. The area boasts some historic homes and major landmarks, like the Footprint Center. Oh, and it’s right next to the mega-busy Sky Harbor Airport.

Deer Valley:

With over 165,000 folks in 2010, it’s a mix of residential and commercial vibes. Landscape-wise, it’s got everything from mountains to creeks. Big companies like Honeywell and American Express operate here. There are also cool spots like Turf Paradise and Wet’n’Wild.

Desert View:

Fancy a big, fairly-priced house? Check Desert View. Since 2008, it’s been booming with mostly condos and townhouses. If you’re a walker, maybe not the best spot. But biking? Pretty decent. It’s also served by some well-liked schools.


Smack in Central Phoenix, Encanto’s compact but bursting with stuff. There are museums, parks, and even a mall. Looking for a job? This place has Arizona’s biggest employment hub. And for nightlife? The Melrose District’s got you covered.


This planned community out in the desert is 25 miles from Phoenix. Think parks, lakes, hiking, and golf. Long ago, indigenous people lived here. By the ’80s, it started shaping into a residential area. It’s got history, nature, and some swanky new spots.


Near downtown Phoenix, Laveen’s got old-school farming roots. However, modern development is on the rise. Named after an early pioneer, it was self-sufficient with its own stores, barbershop, and more. It’s also known for its dairy and cotton farming history.


One of Phoenix’s first planned communities, Maryvale’s had its ups and downs. It’s diverse, with a major Hispanic presence. Sadly, it’s faced challenges with crime. Interesting fact? In 2014, wild chihuahuas made headlines here.

North Gateway:

Close to the northern entrance of Phoenix, this place is booming with businesses and houses. It’s projected to grow big by 2030. There are challenges, but there’s a focus on preserving its unique vibe.

North Mountain:

This Phoenix area is a hiker’s dream, with trails and nature spots. There’s also cool entertainment like mini-golf and go-karts. It’s a popular spot with above-average schools and a nice community vibe.

Paradise Valley:

Rich in cash and culture, Paradise Valley’s a swanky Phoenix suburb. Historically, it transitioned from grazing land to upscale residences. It’s filled with resorts, golf courses, and high-end shops.

Rio Vista:

Phoenix’s northern village, Rio Vista, is still kind of raw and untapped. Yet, it’s got some cool spots like Anthem Outlets. Housing-wise, it’s more on the high-end side.

South Mountain:

Right below Phoenix, South Mountain is highlighted by its massive park. Whether you hike, bike, or ride horses, there’s a trail for you. The view from Dobbins Lookout? Totally worth it.